Digitizing Martell – Continued

Work continues on our project to create a high-resolution, multi-temporal dataset of the entirety of Martell Forest. Our leaf-off data collection campaign kicked off this past January with two main objectives. First, we wanted to continue our seasonal UAV imagery collection of the entire forest. Second, we wanted to collect terrestrial laser scans at every forest inventory site. In March, Joshua and Nikhil collected the imagery with our trusty M300. You can view all the imagery we’ve collected to date here. Using the scans, Joshua used his developing tree segmentation methods to identify individual trees at each of the 113 inventory sites we scanned.

FARO laser scanner positioned at one of the forest inventory plots at Martell
Each plot scan was processed and segmented using our in-house methods. Then the trees from several plots are viewed together on a terrain model of Martell.

Baseball with ISPLS NW Chapter

The North West chapter of the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors invited the lab out to Gary Steel Yard for some Friday night baseball. We watched the South Shore Railcats play the visiting Sioux City Explorers. It was not a good night for the Railcats, but we thoroughly enjoyed the good food, good company, and relaxed atmosphere at the ballpark.

GDSL Celebrating a Successful Semester

Although we feel grateful to have new members joining our research group, it is always sad to say goodbye to members graduating and departing for new career opportunities. We always enjoy Akash’s presence at the party, thanks to the remote work option of his new job. Last week, we gathered together to appreciate Sun’s contribution to our research group during his tenure at Purdue. Sun, best of luck with your new career and you will be missed a lot!

CE203 Guest Lecture by Zach Beasley

Tippecanoe county surveyor, Zach Beasley, visited Purdue to give a guest lecture in the CE203 class. It was very nice to learn real-world examples from someone who knows about surveying!