2023 Purdue Digital Forestry Mini Symposium

GDSL members participated 2023 Purdue Digital Forestry Mini-Symposium and shared their research with members from diverse disciplines. All the presentations were very well received by the audience. Great job, GDSLers!

A feasible way to improve Indiana’s LiDAR topographic differencing results by Minyoung Jung

Estimation of Crop Residue using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) by Fatemeh Azimi

Inventory Plot Center Measurement with UAVs by Joshua Carpenter

Exploring the relationship between temperatures and electric vehicle adoption by Gaia Cervini

Predicting canopy height using Landsat data through integration of GEDI for a localized site by Arnav Goel

GDSL @ Honduras

Dr. Jung and Joshua from GDSL worked with Texas A&M AgriLife to provide UAS training for agriculture applications in Honduras on the week of Feb 6, 2023.

GDSL @ ISPLS 2023 Convention

GDSL members (Jinha Jung, Joshua Carpenter, and Ismaila Olaniyi) attended ISPLS 2023 convention at Fort Wayne, IN, to represent the Purdue Geomatics program.

Digitizing Martell – Continued

Work continues on our project to create a high-resolution, multi-temporal dataset of the entirety of Martell Forest. Our leaf-off data collection campaign kicked off this past January with two main objectives. First, we wanted to continue our seasonal UAV imagery collection of the entire forest. Second, we wanted to collect terrestrial laser scans at every forest inventory site. In March, Joshua and Nikhil collected the imagery with our trusty M300. You can view all the imagery we’ve collected to date here. Using the scans, Joshua used his developing tree segmentation methods to identify individual trees at each of the 113 inventory sites we scanned.

FARO laser scanner positioned at one of the forest inventory plots at Martell
Each plot scan was processed and segmented using our in-house methods. Then the trees from several plots are viewed together on a terrain model of Martell.